Graphic design? You’ve found the right place!

Ingenious Design UK: Exciting, creative and conceptual graphic design, wherever and whenever needed, at a cost to match the budget. We can propose a full design service, whatever your requirements. From initial concepts to final designs, our personal service will provide everything you need, right to your doorstep. Ingenious Design UK also offers in house photography services, to enhance your website, publicity materials or catalogues. Clients can procure many valuable services from Ingenious, limiting the need to waste valuable time sourcing from various businesses. Offering up to date software, our company can design anything from a simple, eye-catching logo to product labels, packaging, and photography, promotional materials, brochures, editorial designs or billboard posters!

With a Degree in Graphic Design through Chichester University, achieving the highest grade and  graduating top of her class with a special honours award, Clare Nordbruch,the Creative Designer at Ingenious Design UK, uses her previous experience and background in professional theatre, entertainment, lighting, photography, set and costume design to add flare and creativity to each individual client’s requirements.

Whatever your needs…

If a young company looking for complete branding: signage, logo design, uniforms and packaging; or you’d like to improve your corporate identity to encourage a larger and more varied clientele, contact Ingenious Design UK to discuss your graphic design requirements with a free, no obligation consultation. Theatrical professionals need look no further for promotional materials; photography, brochure design and digitally enhanced advertising materials can be designed, unique to you as performer, to attract bookers, agents and the public – whatever you require, Ingenious has the answer.

Graphic Design for businesses. Graphic Design for sole traders. Graphic Design for start up companies. Graphic Design for theatrical promoters, producers & performers.Whoever you are, we have what you need!

Digital Manipulation

We don’t just do graphic design. Digital photographic manipulation is our speciality – just take a look at our work with illusionist supergroup Chicks ‘n’ Tricks, Flamenco star Adam Westcott and theatrical magician Adam Heppenstall! Whatever your requirements, Ingenious Design has a solution that will achieve, appeal and endure.

The keys to our success..?

• Professionalism • Creativity • Practical insight • Enjoying the journey..!

These are just a few of our very happy clients:

Graphic design - Theatrical promotion, illustration, editorial design