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Need logo design to get noticed? No matter how large or small your business is, Ingenious Design UK can create the perfect brand identity to promote your company perfectly. and that, of course, is exactly what you need to get noticed’…

Creating a corporate identity/logo to present yourself to the industry will give a professional outlook to your company. How do you want to portray yourself? Speak to us about creating a logo design to show the world who you are and what you do!

Whatever your requirements, we can tailor an image to suit your needs, whether you are a business or professional theatrical artiste. Identity is important. Your client needs to recognise your brand and understand your industry and your presence within it.

FAQs: What is a logo design and why do I need one?

A logo (abbreviated form the Greek word logotype) is a graphic mark or symbol used by businesses, organisations or individual persons to promote and increase recognition of themselves or their company.

Originally, before the digital age, typesetting would have been used to create a single word. Yet, as early as 2300 BCE, cylinder seals, coins and coats of arms used the same thought process to create a brand. Nowadays, digital creations are an art form in themselves, and logo design is used in mass communication to create a synonymous link to the person or company for the viewer.

Brands and logo designs may undergo many changes and updates to their icon over the years, to represent the changes in their company and social culture. The Apple Corporation is a perfect example of this: starting with a classic, lino cut style image and making numerous adjustments (the first of which was a complete change to modern rainbow colours) until they arrived with the most commonly recognised metallic bevelled apple symbol we see today.
logo design Apple corporation history

Your logo you show ‘you’ to the public. It should perfectly describe your business and what you can do, in a way that portrays your professionalism and skills. Your logo is quite often the first a potential client will see on your advertisement. So, it needs to work for you! Your image should make the viewer want to get in touch and find out more… If it doesn’t, you should consider rebranding…

If you are a new business starting out, or feel the need to update your corporate image to show the world you are in touch with their needs, speak to us about how we can give you the perfect logo design to continue onwards and upwards!

Logo design over the years for Apple